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Plot Structure Harrison Bergeron Harrison Bergeron written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1961 is a political satire of a futuristic America in the year 2081. The plot begins with an exposition, where Vonnegut explains the setting, characters, and the time period. He tells us that the year is 2081 and everyone was equal. After, Vonnegut introduces us to two characters. He uses the character’s conversation to show how and what is making everyone equal. The narrative hook occurs when the news of Harrison Bergeron’s escape from jail is informed on the television. This event is a major turning point and where Vonnegut’s tone of the story changes as well. It also begins the rising action, which was Harrison’s entrance to the studio where he declares himself “emperor” and tears off his handicaps. The climax occurs when Harrison finds his “queen” and they dance together without handicaps. I felt like there wasn’t really a falling action, but there was a conclusion. The conclusion occurs when the Handicap General, Diana Moon Glampers arrives to interrupt Harrison and the ballerina’s passionate kiss with a blast of a shotgun. EPICAC EPICAC, first published in 1950, is written by Kurt Vonnegut. The story begins off with a narrator introducing his friend, EPICAC, who wasn’t a human; it was the largest, smartest computer on Earth built by Dr. Von Kleigstadt. The narrator discusses the origins of EPICAC and why he wants to tell the story. The narrative hook occurs, when the narrator tells us that a young lady named, Pat Kilgallen works with him on the night shift. He falls deeply in love with Pat, and decides to propose. However, because of the narrator’s dispassionate proposal, Pat declines. The narrator then explains to EPICAC what love is, and asks it to generate a poem for Pat. I felt like this was the narrative hook, because the event ignites the big
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