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Activity 1. * 3. Develop and document, on behalf of an organisation for which you do or might work, a detailed process whereby it will be possible to investigate, identify, assess, and include the needs of customers in planning processes. Submit your answer for assessment. Identifying the Customer – The customers are the Underground Coal Mining Companies who extract coaking and thermal coal for both domestic and overseas markets. What are the Customer’s needs? - Identifying the customers’ needs can be done by means of surveys, direct contact with the customer, company open days and exhibitions or by creating working relationships with individuals within the customers company or in the general industry. Identifying when the customer is likely to buy – The customer will buy new equipment towards the end of the equipment’s ten year life span. These times are somewhat predicable because of this reason. Give or take 1 or two years depending on mining conditions. Assessing feedback from the customer – Through surveys and direct contact with mines throughout the area (Australia), a number of questions were asked in general terms of equipment specifications. * What is your coal extraction tons per year? And does this meet your expectations? * What is the life of the mine? * How old is your equipment? And when are you expecting to replace it? * What is length of the coal seam face? * Do you have any issues or problems with your current set of equipment? * Do you get prompt service and support from your current customer? * Where and what if given the chance, would you change/improve with your current equipment? * What determines your decision when purchasing new equipment? From the feedback from a number of customers we could determine that * Cost is a big factor in determining a supplier. * The equipment needs to

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