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Kurds And Armenians Essay

  • Submitted by: alyssap
  • on February 24, 2012
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Alyssa Presgraves
English 103
Kurds and Armenians
The Armenians and the Kurds are both proud of their identities.   Both sets of individuals have been through a lot in their existence. Living with or going through a genocide is an atrocious thing to deal with. The Kurdish Genocide of 1988 and the Armenian Genocide of 1915 were atrocious and horrific. The people never gave up though and kept their nationalism strong! Kurdish and Armenian identity is what kept their nationalism alive and striving for independence.
The Kurds and the Armenians are both very proud of their land. Kurdish nationalism emerged after World War I with the termination of the Ottoman Empire. After the termination of the Ottoman Empire the Kurds, through use of force oppression of Kurdish movements to gain independence. As said in the Kurdish Nationalism article, “Nationalism was a new force in the world, it reared its head and made ethnic groupings self-conscious, and the Ottoman Empire began to crumble.” The first significant nationalism by the Kurds emerged during the Sheikh Said rebellion. The overriding influence of the more secular or no cleric Kurdish nationalist organizations must be separated from the rebellion itself and its sheikhly leadership. The Sheikh Said rebellion was led largely by sheikhs, a deliberate determination by the leadership of Azadi from 1921 onward. As said By Robert Olson “While the Sheikh Said rebellion was a nationalist rebellion, the mobilization, propaganda, and symbols were those of a religious rebellion.” Also the Armenians are very proud and loving of their land. Armenian nationalism is an ideological movement aiming to attain or maintain self-sufficiency, unity and identity for Armenian people who deemed to constitute a nation. The historical line in part of their nationalism was generally defined as the creation of a free, independent and united Armenia formulated as the Armenian Cause ("Hay Dat"). In David Frompkins’...

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