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The book Killing Lincoln: The Assassination that Changed America Forever is a factual novel written by Bill O Reilly and Martin Dugard about the struggles that America and Lincoln faced during the civil war. The entire book is filled with facts and details surrounding the civil war and controversy of Lincoln’s death. The book portrays Lincoln’s last day living as well as the time period of America’s struggles to come together as one and the struggle of having their president assassinated. The Author’s style and ideas help show how he thought Lincoln even though he was assassinated was still one of the beloved presidents during America’s time in need. The book is a true work of art, the authors style portrays a smooth flow for the reader compared to regular factual novels that are usually presented but at the same time presents factual and deep details about the events portrayed during the time period. Even though the book is an exciting thriller it still proves its points through factual evidence. The novel helps explains the thoughts and events that took place to the day before, during, and after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The book follows the last battles of the civil war. It starts off four years into the civil war at the Battle of Petersburg and cover the major battles leading to General Lee’s surrender. A key battle and the final battle before the Confederates surrender was the Battle of Appottomax Court House fought on the morning of April 9, 1865. Lee, having abandoned the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, after the Siege of Petersburg, retreated west, hoping to join his army with the Confederate forces in North Carolina. Union forces pursued and cut off the Confederate retreat. Lee's final stand was at Appomattox Court House, where he launched an attack to break through the Union force to his front, assuming the Union force consisted

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