Kudler Management Essay

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1. Introduction The company Kudler Fine Foods was established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler in the hopes of establishing her own gourmet food store. Kathy did this in response to an open niche in the market which she realized from observing her own town and seeing there was very little variety for a gourmet connoisseur to choose from. Her love of fine foods was bolstered by her vision of the one-stop shopping experience with reasonable prices and a wide variety of goods. The company flourished and continued to expand to a second and third location. Kathy works seven days a week visiting each store and keeping a hands-on approach to her brainchild (Romeo, 2003). Unfortunately the limitations of being just one person have begun to take their toll and while Kathy continues to remain Kudler Fine Foods’ primary benefactor it is becoming readily apparent that the internal management structure of the company is going to have to be reformed to facilitate the needs of the ever demanding portfolio of tasks that currently rest her feet. 2. Situational description The tasks of a management staff are numerous and potentially overwhelming for a single person. Since the company’s inception Kathy’s been handling all the buying of the various products for all the stores (three sites). She does this in order to ensure the best possible prices for various retail products, most of her purchase orders are in bulk covering the needs of all three stores. While this approach does save the company money it eats up a substantial amount of Kathy’s time and energy to maintain these responsibilities. In addition to being a time absorbing process these responsibilities prevent Kathy from interacting directly with customers. Because Kathy is the sole manager, and takes on these responsibilities personally, she is the only one to have the authority to access the inventory system and assess
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