Kudler Fine Foods Website Analysis

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Introduction Due to the increasing customer usage of the Kudler Fine Foods’ website, Team B has been hired by Kudler Fine Foods to analyze the site and to propose ideas and methods to increase the customer’s patronage and to better the customer’s online experience. The following documentation contains an analysis of the current website from both a customer’s perspective as well as an IT professional point of view. Recommendations made in this document are believed to enhance the customer’s online experience and potentially increase website traffic which will encourage people to use one of Kudler Fine Foods’ brick-and-mortar stores. The analysis and the proposed changes recommended will allow Kudler Fine Foods to make the best decision possible…show more content…
Not all browsers will handle XHTML as XHTML. XHTML is backwards compatible with HTML and will work using non XHTML compatible browsers but there might be a few noticeable quirks because the web pages will be displayed using HTML instead of XHTML. Another disadvantage might include more personnel training in using XHTML because XHTML is stricter and less forgiving with coding than HTML. Converting the current HTML language to XHTML should be painless but for added precautions a variety of browsers should be tested with the new XHTML language to make sure the most popular browsers such at Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer are compatible with the XHTML upgrade (Freeman & Freeman…show more content…
Once changes have been made from HTML to XHTML the testing phase needs to commence. All popular browsers should be tested and popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox should be thoroughly tested because those 2 browsers are currently the most popular. Internet Explorer testing will involve testing version IE6 as well as version IE7 (w3schools, 2009). Netscape is no longer a supported browser and will not be tested but the assumption will be made that all tests that fail or pass with Firefox will do so with Netscape since both are Mozilla based browsers (w3schools, 2009). The Opera browser will be tested for Linux and Unix users. Another less popular browser that will be subjected to testing will be the Safari browser included in Macintosh OS systems and finally the Konqueror browser found on Linux systems will also be thoroughly tested with the new XHTML

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