Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS NEEDS ADVERTISING Why Kudler Fine Foods Needs a Solid Advertising Strategy Kudler Fine Foods’ Situation In the case of Kudler Fine Foods, Kathy puts out a flyer that is inserted in the local La Jolla Village News, the North County Times and the Gay and Lesbian times during the peak times during the year. Her peak sales are around Easter and between October and New Years. Throughout the rest of the year she only prints a monthly flyer in the newspapers. Kathy also occasionally advertises in local printed materials that appeal to the upper class. With this limited amount of advertising, Kathy is not driving enough customers into her stores because people may not be aware that her company is in business. Problem Statement Currently, Kudler Fine Foods doesn’t have a sufficient advertising strategy, which is resulting in less customer count and fewer possible sales. Kudler Fine foods could increase their sales immensely if they carry out a successful advertising campaign on a weekly basis. End State and Goals If she were to run a weekly ad in the regular newspapers in the area that shows off her good prices on fine foods and add coupons, she would see a larger volume of customers in her store. By running ads weekly, customers will know that Kudler is a reliable business with good prices and customers will continue to look for her ads in the paper. If Kathy prefers not to have a free standing insert in the paper, she could look at running an ROP, which is an ad that is run inside the pages of the newspaper. An ROP is a cheaper option than printing multiple ads and inserting them into the paper. For Albertsons grocery stores, the costs of printing a few million ads is about $150,000 whereas running a full page ROP can run only $50,000 depending on the newspaper, placement and full color or

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