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Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store that has three locations at La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar in the San Diego Metropolitan area. The company offers baked products, produce, meat, seafood, condiments, cheese and other specialty dairy products and wine. The company plans to expand its services, streamline its operations and increase customer loyalty to further grow in the future. According to Kudler, it plans to expand service by holding in-store cooking classes that would double as a social event. The ultimate aim is to increase the customers' time spent in the store, and thus increasing their purchases, as well as inculcating the idea that Kudler Fine Foods is part of their socialization. The company also hopes to have a higher frequency of visits aside from a higher revenue per visit. The company also plans to track customer purchases by using a loyalty program, which would basically pay out high-value incentives in exchange for customer participation. This would give the company better information on the patterns of its customers and tailor fit the products that it would offer. Lastly, the company plans to implement a streamlining of its processes and deliver increased value to its customers. Basically, the company wants a zero stock out policy by maintaining an optimum level of inventory. * * * Kudler Fine Foods has done very well at using market research to focus on a particular area. It is very apparent that the company has a full understanding of its customers. From the market research, the company even knows that its customers are not price sensitive, in effect, they could charge a higher price if they can offer novelty and products of high quality. The company also gets valuable input from market research with regards to its inventory, since it aims for increased efficiency by having an inventory of level that is

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