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Marketing Plan: Phase III Paper Marsha Fields Tosha Gary LaShaunda Johnson LaKeasha White University of Phoenix Introduction In today’s companies, such as General Motor (GM), the company will need to follow the five steps in product development for the company product. The five steps are ideas; screening; development; and commercialization. This paper will explain GM attributes on the company product; the company product life cycle; the positioning and differentiation strategies for the product; and the appropriate price strategy that should be used for GM product. Attributes Physical goods are considered the consumer products and the industrial products. Hybrid cars and the consumer’s product for GM. Hybrid cars are what consumers are buying today to save money and gas. Industrial products are the distribution. General Motors (GM) industry has manufacturing operations in 32 countries. GM industry associations, is known as the Alliance of Automobile Manufactures. The four I’s of service are consist of intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory. Intangibility for GM is customer service. GM provides excellent customer service to their consumers, which it cannot be seen or touch. Inconsistency for GM, GM relies on people who provide the company services, which are people with different capabilities. Inseparability in GM depends on what kind of service the consumer needs, which it can be done over the phone or in person. In some cases the consumer has to be physically present to receive certain services. Inventory in GM is not based on being physical; inventory is based on production capacity because GM has service demand. Hybrid cars have several alternative initiatives such as hybrid electric imitative; all-electric vehicles; and plug-in hybrids, etc. GM consider in using hybrid vehicles to bring up the

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