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Introduction Team A has put together the following review and proposal for the Kudler Fine Foods Company web site. As part of this paper and power point story board, we have looked at how Kudler Fine Foods can improve customer interaction as well as the overall maintenance and expansion of the existing site. Team A has tried to keep all the changes to existing technology and not push the envelope when it comes to implementing technological pieces that are not proven as of yet. As part of this paper assumptions where made as to having an outside professional web development company perform the required tasks and also shift the maintenance of the site to said company for ease of operation and simplified maintenance procedures. Below are Team A’s observations and suggestions. Analysis Team A performed an analysis of the Kudler Fine Foods web site for the following items: - Web review from a customer perspective - Ease of maintenance and updates of the site - Effective design elements and why - Can it be improved Team A has determined that from a customer perspective the Kudler Fine Foods web site is very basic. The links work properly and is easy to navigate, but it’s much too simple. The home page is too bland; by including brighter colors and bolder text would make the site more appealing to the viewer which could be a new customer. More information should be included about the stores products, what is on sale this week. In addition, there is no order section or even lists to help the customer decide on items before stopping by the store. Each of the store links does have a map link which could be used to allow the customer to get directions to the store of their choice since this link was setup up to go to MapQuest. Maintenance/Updates Currently no maintenance or updates appear to be being performed on the Kudler Fine Foods Internet Site;

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