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Kudler Fine Foods A Business Proposal to upgrade the outdated Accounting System [1] Prepared for Mike Manrod CEO Kudler Fine Foods BSA/310 Prepared by Andrew McMillin June 29, 2014 Accounting Systems Kudler Fine Foods A Business Proposal to upgrade the outdated Accounting System Executive summary Background Kudler Fine Foods is a market leader for providing customers the finest selection of food, wines, and related products. Kudler searches through-out the world for the highest quality products allowing their customer to “shop the world” in one convenient location. Kudler customers value a healthy lifestyle while living with-in their budgets, offering competitive prices with their organic selections and also offering non-organic varieties. Partnering directly with the farms and vineyards Kudler is able to cut out the middle man out to provide exceptional pricing. Benefits The current accounting system Kudler has in place, while inclusive, is deficient in many key areas. Luckily, the system was made to be scalable allowing a seamless transition from the existing system to the new. Updating the system will increase profits and reduce overall cost in day to day operations. The system will provide information to make informed decision for internal and external purposes. The new system will utilize new key features and core technologies to be more competitive in today’s market. The recommended system is NetSuite Financials. NetSuite is an industry leader in web-based software, offering unparalleled accounting solutions that is hosted in the Cloud. Not only does NetSuite handle the financial aspects but it also includes customer relations, marketing, inventory, and human resources. Key Features Once the proposed accounting system is upgraded, Kudler will immediately begin saving time and money. NetSuite has very extensive

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