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|Economic Concept Worksheet | | | | | |10/18/2010 | | | |University of Phoenix | Introduction This assignment required use to perform three assignments to complete which entailed demonstrating our knowledge of five core concept doing the following: Firstly we were to summarize at least five key concepts covered in the chapters presented in the materials section. Next we were to provide a real life application or scenario of each concept we identified to a business or organization experienced. Finally we were provided a reference from the assigned readings for each concept identified. Economic Concepts Worksheet |Concept |Application of Concept from Personal Experience |Reference to Concept in Reading | | | | | |Tradeoffs are exchanges of various |In effort to insure that my daughter receives the best |Meaning that to achieve one we must | |alternations of imperative objectives or |educational opportunity and the competitive advantages that |sacrifice another (McConnell & Bruce,| |desires which are unattainable completely|come with a complete and early education I choose to rent |p.23, 2004). | |or unanimously via a single decision,

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