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Kudler Fine Foods CAAT Analysis R. Blaine Brumbaugh Acc 542 October 8, 2012 Ralph J. Petrillo Preface Over the past few weeks there have been a number of suggestions made to Kudler Fine Foods to improve their accounting information system. These suggestions included incorporating a new resource enterprise management system, ways to improve internal controls, and methods to make the data tables a little more efficient. By incorporating the Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Kudler Fine Foods can easily store and retrieve data without having to install the program on multiple machines. This program also allows for more automation of functions, which reduces the amount of duplicate entries that have to be made, and saves on time and money. Intuit will also take care of its own updates and upgrades. This allows management to not have to worry about these issues. Improving internal controls allows Kudler to reduce risks, such as business risk, security risk, and continuity risks. These internal controls can help keep Kudler up and running during an emergency, and helps to detect and eliminate the possibility of fraud. The primary method to make a better use of the data tables is the use of pivot tables in Excel. The pivot table allows for large quantities of data to be quickly sorted, and makes it easier to pinpoint the exact data that the user is looking for. The E-R diagrams also give a quick, visual reference as to how all of the various functions and entities interact with each other. Abstract Audit documentation and processes can be improved with the use of computers. Computer technology can be used to validate data, and system applications. Audit productivity software can be used to increase the efficiency and productivity of the auditor. This paper will discuss ways that system applications and data can be verified, and discuss audit

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