“Kubla Khan”

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Optimal Potential In the poems of “Kubla Khan” by Coldrige, and “Ozymandias” by Shelley many different ideas can come to float. In this essay I will analyze two different ideas from each poem but which are all related to the same common background thought. The first two will analyze the poem of “Kubla Khan” and how it was a dream created by the poet, Coldrige; the second two will evaluate some of the actions of Ozymandius, a king of ancient Egypt. Both these poems have so much in common and the purpose of this essay is to dissect these comparisons that relate to the same issue. Human desires and fantasies cause hunger that leads people to satisfy this desire with personal fulfillment and contentment that reaching your optimal potential brings. In the poem “Kubla Khan” the poet describes how Emperor Kublai Khan wants the construction of the dome, a “stately Pleasure-Dome”(2), in this majestic place where a river ran “through caverns measureless to man / Down to a sunless sea.”(4-5). Calls it a Xanadu, a place so beautiful it can be directly related to this topic of human potential and desire. He was inspired to build a dome there, which came from a dream while he was high on drugs. All this relates to this topic of human potential and human desire to achieve it because Coleridge is trying to describe the creation of this dome being constructed in the middle of a paradise near this mystical river; representing a dream, a goal, a dome with a 10 mile radius which is not necessarily possible but it is his desire to achieve it. This desire of perfection and satisfying this fantasies goes along with the same idea of reaching your highest state or potential. Coleridge also describes how humans fight to achieve certain goals no matter what, the how we could even die trying to accomplish that restlessness we have inside, even though conscious of our own obsessive flaw.
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