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Di-one karaoke bar entrepreneurial marketing problem and proposed solution report Name: Saixi Qin Student ID:200750529 Introduction This report investigates the practices case study of entrepreneurial marketing. It explores the entrepreneurial marketing problems of one karaoke bar and proposes several reasonable suggestions to the entrepreneurs. Overview of Di-one karaoke bar Di-one karaoke bar is an entertainment and dining venues in Liverpool. It was started in June 2012 and well operated till now. It has 8-karaoke individual rooms and a small Chinese restaurant to supply song singing services and traditional Chinese food for the customers. The karaoke bar is opened 11 hours every day from 5pm to 4am and 3 full time staffs are serving the services. Customers choose the time they would like to go and pay for the time length such as 3 hours or 4 hours to enjoy the time in the individual room. Through face-to-face interview, Di-one has three shareholders at present, one of them is British born Chinese and the other two are mainland born Chinese. The British born Chinese is the biggest shareholder who has the decision making right. There are four karaoke bars in Liverpool at present from research. The Di-one company position itself as a Chinese Karaoke bar with relatively low price and high quality services and equipment and position their main target market in the Chinese student in Liverpool. It is particular emphasis on being a night bar and sells large amount wine and beer every day. From face-to-face interview, the karaoke bar has a capacity of 120 people every day. However, there are only average 50 people patronize every day. The manager of Di-one karaoke said that in initially in 2012, the karaoke bar could has 3000 pounds pure profit left each week, however in

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