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Everyone lives his or her life in a different way. Some people have impairments that force them to work harder to conform to society; People are difficult due to lifestyles or choices. I have met with three people who are different due to forces that they could not control. Kristi Mullen lives with bipolar disorder and depression. She has no choice over either disability, but she must live with it. Our hairdresser, Mitch Rogers, is homosexual and has had to live with divorcing his wife and giving his two children the time and space they needed to remember he was still their father. Sabrina Budden, a family friend has cancer, a disease that she did not ask to have but had to learn with losing her hair and finding the strength to fight through…show more content…
She has been through a roller coaster of extremes, from living at home with a cookie cutter life to going in and out of mental hospitals. Kristi has always known she was different. Kristi related to me, “One morning I would be fine, the person everyone knows and the next morning I could wake up and be somebody completely different.” Kristi is on many different types of medication to keep her mood swings, anxiety, and depression in order. Her symptoms start becoming more apparent when her medication is tampered with. It can take weeks of trial and error for her to return to “normalcy” as society deems she should be. Kristi has struggled with her disorder for over twenty years, but she was not medically diagnosed until the age of thirty; she is now forty years old. Kristi remembers that it was fairly easy for her to come to terms with her disability because for thirteen years she had struggled with symptoms and now she had a name and solution for them. However, her biggest struggle is becoming manic. Mania is a euphoric feeling that people with bipolar disorder often experience; it makes them feel on top of the world. Through perseverance, Kristi has discovered signs of becoming manic. She said, ”I wear fake eyelashes, neon eye shadows, bright lipstick, and liquid black eyeliner. I walk around feeling like I am the prettiest woman this world has ever seen and I can do anything.” Although her makeup and attitude is an obvious sign, a subtler one is her shopping
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