Kristen's Cookie Dsme 2030 Assignment

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Kristen’s Cookie 1. How long does it take to fill a rush order [from mix and spoon, Load oven, bake, cool pack, and receive payment] ? (For orders of one dozen, and for orders of two dozens-same ingredients.) (20 points) Answer: (a) for orders of one dozen ____ 26______ minutes (b) for orders of two dozens ____ 36____ minutes 2. For orders of one dozen, how many orders can you fill in a night? Assuming 4 hours per night, and without your roommate. (20 points) Answer: ____ 21________orders 3. Given Kristen’s Cookie wants to maximize the profit, do you need to employ your roommate if all orders are one-dozen orders(assuming orders do not have the same ingredient)? (10 points) Answer: Need / No need Why? Without her roommate, Kristen would need to spend time mixing ingredients for each order, thus causing the total amount of orders to be 17 in 4 opening hours. With her roommate employed, they would be able to finish 22 orders in 4 opening hours. Therefore, to maximize Kristen’s Cookie Company’s profits, the employment of her roommate is needed. What if orders are two-dozen orders (assuming each two-dozen order has the same ingredients)? You may reassign the job for you and your roommate. .(10 points) Answer: Need / No need Why? With orders having the same ingredient, Kristen does not need to spend a significant amount of time mixing ingredients. She could mix ingredients for every 3 dozens during the 10 minute baking time. Employing her roommate and re-assigning the job will not help to increase the output because the bottleneck here is the oven. The oven could only hold one dozen cookies at a time, so Kristen could not simultaneously bake 2 dozens. Therefore, with only one oven, the employment of her roommate is not needed. 4. If orders are one-dozens orders, how many electric mixers and baking trays

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