Kreon Vs Antigone Analysis

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Sample Legal Brief Citation: Kreon vs. Antigone Facts: Kreon, uncle of Antigone, who is now the king of Thebes, the very moment he became the ruler he pronounced to follow Thebes’s death rule of burying his own nephews. He proclaimed and was honored to bury Eteokies because he wanted to fight for the city, but he forbids to have a burial ceremony for Polyneikes because Polyneikes was the one that wanted to destroy the city Thebes, and Kreon did not like the fact someone like him wanted to destroy his own city. Antigone in the other hand, is the very opposite of her uncle, she declares to bury her own brother. Antigone does not care what will happen to her. She is eager to break the rules of Thebes for her own brother. Issues: Whether Kreon has the power to rule Thebes, both Antigone and Kreon show hubris. Previous History: Kreon does not follow the principles, he acts upon ugly biases. Antigone is headstrong who rather die for what she believes…show more content…
Both Kreon and Antigone share hubris. According to Sophocles, the play “Antigone” Kreon discusses the love for ruling Thebes: “This girl learned insolence long before she broke this law. What’s more, she keeps on insulting us, and then gloats about it. There is no doubt that if she emerges victorious, and is never punished, I am no man. She will be the man here” (519). This quote explains Kreon’s irritation on Antigone. The very moment Antigone buries her be loving brother’s body Kreon wants to take action with killing her because she disobeyed his law also Antigone’s sister, Ismene, because Kreon believes she was part of it too. Kreon believes if he does not kill Antigone he will no longer be one of the best rulers that people will look up too. This quote is important because it explains how Kreon begins to commit hubris. He has pride to kill her nieces and high self- confidence about people in Thebes looking up to him

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