Krasic Vs Tanay

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The case began by giving the case number which was 08003. Two of the judges were Justice Golden and Justice Hill. Steve Erin represented the Krasic side. Tanaya rented a house from Mr. Alan Krasic and in the transaction there were two errors: error of law and error of fact. Tanaya and Mr. Krasic had a confidential relationship. On May 28, 2004 Krasic came to Tanaya’s office in the Union with a lease document. Tanaya prepared the document on May 28, 2008. The Cheyenne attorney gathered information and but the question is was it Tanaya or Krasic’s attorney? The attorney was Morris’s family attorney and former roommate’s attorney. On the document, they used Morris’s address, not Krasic’s. On June 10th or 14th, Morris called the attorney…show more content…
Krasic died in an Alzheimer’s home and Morris was trying to gain inheritance. Incompetence means the deed is no good, and Krasic was definetly uncompetent. So, they are saying the deed Krasic signed was invalid because Krasic does not remember signing the document. Tanaya’s attorney said Tanaya did not try to steal the million dollar house from Krasic , she saved it. Family tree testing was done and only two people were found capable to take the estate. They needed a district court approval for a quick claim. Morris was the surviving person who was signed under the name of the estate, not the remaining family members who were also considered. She shared joint surviving assets under the rule of 607 and had a confidential relationship with Krasic that backed this up. She also had a confidential relationship with the attorney who was also the attorney of her college friend. Morris never asked for property documents, and they arrived in a short period of time. A quick claim deed could make the case easier, without issues. Krasic was a very independent man who participated in golf associations, he was not isolated and no one controlled his check book. Krasic and Morris kept their…show more content…
I had never been to one before. The atmosphere was very different from one I had ever witnessed before. I felt tension and fear from the attorneys as they defended the cases. The judges asked very specific questions that made the attorneys back up their arguments. I think they asked the questions to try and make them nervous so they could tell if they were lying or not. Luckily, the attorneys seemed very knowledgable on their sides and could defend it good. By the evidence both sides provided, I sided with Krasic’s attorney. Although Morris was good friends with Krasic, and did have legal ownership of a portion of his house, she did not have full custody of his entire estate, especially over his remaining descendants. It just didn’t seem like an honest situation, having an incompetent elderly man signing documents when he trusted the girl. I don’t trust her and think she was planning it from the start. I think it is very mean of her to take advantage of a sick person like that. I really enjoyed experiencing this case and wished I could experience more in the future. The set up reminded me of the court shows on T.V. that I love to watch. My favorite part was the way the judges were dressed. They wore long, black, robes that reminded me of graduation apparel. I also liked the etiquette that was performed in the court. We all stood when they entered the room and sat when they said we could. I sided with the Krasic

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