Kraft Foods Finds a Chinese Face for Oreo --Oreo Localization in China

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Kraft Foods Finds a Chinese Face for Oreo --Oreo localization in China 学院:外国语学院 班级:24150102班 学号:2012041501065 姓名:徐佳媛 Until the mid-1990s, Oreo largely focused on the US market - as reflected in one of its popular advertising slogans from the 1980s, "America's Best Loved Cookie". But the dominant position in the US limited growth opportunities and encouraged Kraft to turn to international markets. Oreo launched in China in 1996 as a clone of the American version.The China launch was based on the implicit assumption that what made it successful in its home market would be a winning formula in any other market. However,doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results did not happen in China, after almost a decade, Oreo cookies were not a hit as anticipated because of insufficient understanding of local preferences. By 2005, it controlled a mere 3% of the Chinese cookie market and the team even considered pulling Oreo out of the Chinese market altogether for the long-term losses. While Chinese market plays an important part in Kraft’s international business, in 2005, Kraft decided to research the Chinese market to understand why the Oreo cookie that was so successful in most countries had failed to resonate with the Chinese people. Research showed the Chinese people were not big cookie eaters. Chinese consumers liked the contrast of sweet and bitter but they thought it was a little bit too sweet and a little bit too bitter. Without the emotional attachment of American consumers who grew up with the cookie, the taste and shape could be quite alien. In addition, 5 RMB for a pack of 14 pieces was too expensive for the value-conscious Chinese. Kraft's Chinese division used this information to research a modified recipe, making the

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