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Health Distributor Medical Equipment Distribution Reuse to underprivileged areas in mainland China Company Introduction Health Distributor – focuses on the reuse of medical equipment. In mainland China, some advanced hospitals in big cities may need improve their equipment and therefore dispose the outdated equipment. The only legal way for the hospitals to dispose those pieces of equipment is sending them to the local government. However, the local government often deals with them randomly. We, as a reuse company, try to collect, repair and update those unused equipment and make profit by selling them to those hospitals in need. Our office will be first set up in Shaanxi province which has many poor cities in urgent need of medical equipment. Then we can expand our business to the whole China. The target scope of our business: all the medical equipment, including Diagnostic equipment, Therapeutic equipment, Life support equipment, Medical monitors. Diagnostic equipment: includes medical imaging machines, used to aid in diagnosis. Examples are ultrasound machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines. Therapeutic equipment: includes infusion pumps, medical lasers, etc. Life support equipment: include medical ventilators, heart-lung machines, ECMO, and dialysis machines. Medical monitors: Including ECG, EEG, blood pressure, and dissolved gases in the blood. HD P.1 External Working Flow Chart Internal Working Flow Chart Equipment Big Hospitals in Advanced cities Sold to Transferring unused or outdated medical equipment Health Distributor China Government Assessment Team: Assess the usability of the equipment Selling the equipment collected Damaged equipment Workable equipment equipment Health Distributor Sales Sales in low price Equipment manufacturers: Repair and update the damaged equipment Providing information Sales Small

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