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KOT 1 Task 1 Two strategies that enable a nurse on an interdisciplinary team to exert leadership without occupying a formal leadership position are being a role model and a problem solver. To be a role model you must demonstrate to your peers and coworkers how to do the right thing all the time; to know that making the right decision isn’t always the easiest one to make but it’s the only decision to make. The leaders of the world, musicians and actors are all role models; they are all looked on and modeled after. I want to be a role model in healthcare; I want to be that difference. Problem solvers don’t have to be scientist; they just have to be good at figuring out why things happen certain ways and how you may fix those problems. Problems will arise in healthcare that is a guarantee. It’s how you go about fixing the problem that makes you a good leader. Will you go to management and complain about it or will you go to management and show them what you think should be done to fix it. The mantle of leadership does not fall to only a few. All nurses must think of themselves as a leader, act as a leader, and take on the challenges of a leadership role. All leaders are not managers or organizational office holders; many of them are staff nurses, faculty, and individuals on the “front lines” of patient care. By the same token, all managers are not leaders. Nurses also need to be effective followers, knowing who to follow, when to follow, and how to follow. (Patronis Jones, 2007, para. 1) It is important for a nurse to be actively involved within the interdisciplinary team due to the nature of the environment. You must engage yourself to the team to be a safe and effective nurse, here are some examples. Being a patient advocate, to me, is the first in line. We as bedside nurses are the patients first and sometimes only defense to getting the right and correct

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