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Scenario 1: A: A: Under Medicare Part A, the five days that Mrs. Zwick spent in the hospital as an inpatient will be fully covered after any deductible. Originally, the plan was for her to only stay in the skilled nursing center for 21 days, and the treatments and medications and stay would all be covered by Medicare. For stays to a skilled nursing facility, 1-20 days has no charge. For all days between 21-100,there is a charge (Medicare basics,Medicare part A, www.medicare.gov/navigation/medicare-basics/medicare-benefits/part-a.aspx?Asp... ,date retrieved 11/28/2011). She had to stay longer due to a hospital acquired infection, and Medicare will no longer cover stays beyond what she would have for these type of hospital acquired infections. The hospitals are required by law to pay for this, based on the law that went into effect in 2006 under President Bush called The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005(Pub.L.109-171)(DRA). B: Her walker will be partially covered under Part B, with a doctor's prescription, and must be obtained from a supplier approved by Medicare(Medicare basics, Medicare part B,www.medicare.gov/navigation/medicare-basics/medicare-benefits/part-b.aspx, retrieved 11/28/2011). The patient is responsible for paying 20% of the approved amounts. A patient can also rent if they prefer, and once again there is a deductible of $162.00. D: All of her medications received upon discharge will be covered under Part D of Medicare, and the patient will pay 20%. For all medications needed to treat the hospital acquired infection, the hospital will be responsible, and the patient is entitled to reimbursement(www.mymedicare.gov). There are two ways to get Medicare coverage(1. Medicare prescription plan, or 2. Medicare Advantage plans). You can join during the 7 month period that begins three months before your 65 birthday, and you enroll

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