Koren Zailckas's Smashed

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Smashed is a story about a girls experiences drinking. The author, Koren Zailckas, talks about her journey from when she began to drink, until her habits became out of hand. She began drinking at the age of fourteen. She was always a quiet girl, and started using drinking to make herself more out going. Before she finished high school, Korens stomach had been pumped twice due to alcohol poisoning. Throughout high school Koren managed to maintain good grades on top of her drinking binges. After graduation she attended Syracuse University. She joins the schools cheer team, but is kicked of for being drunk to many times during practices. By her third year in college, Koren had labeled herself an alcoholic. She convinces herself to join Alcoholics Anonymous. She struggles through her last year in college to completely quit drinking, and…show more content…
Her book "Smashed" tells the tale of her life experiences drinking. Being still young, she vividly remembers her experiences to this day. She attended Syracuse University for four years and graduated. She writes about her life so teenagers can understand the powers of drinking, and the horrors that excess drinking can create. Her first hand stories show the scale of how little drinking can do, to how much it can affect you. Like "drinking can simply change a persons personality, or worse; cause them to become ill or taken advantage of" (107). Most of the book is ethos, because the story is her real life experience. Koren Zailckas uses a lot of drinking facts from studies and polls. She states that in a 1996 study, although Syracuse University states that "We are the most alcohol free campus you can find" (56) , they were the thirteenth most alcohol 'friendly' school. Meaning the schools actual actions about alcohol weren't as strong as their statements. Zailckas use of logos isn't as strong as her use of ethos. Most of her strong facts are used in the beginning of her
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