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Q Manglapus 12/21/12 Korean War Essay #1 In 1950-1953, The Korean War occurred. The Korean War was limited for all parties and was a result of many separate conflicts. These conflicts include the Korean Civil War, United Nation Police Action, and a battle between the United States and communism. These conflicts attracted many different countries including the USSR, China, America, and obviously, Korea. Historians such as Dr. Zhang Xiaoming are correct when they argue that the Korean War was a limited war for most the involved parties. The Korean War was a limited party for all belligerents except for the two Koreas, who put all their efforts into trying to win over and unite their homeland. U.S. intervention in the Korean War was limited, which was very unlike WWII. This was largely due to Truman’s hesitation to fully engage U.S. forces in Korea. For example, in 1951, General Douglas MacArthur wanted to attack China to weaken North Korea’s allies, but President Truman abruptly disregarded and ignored MacArthur’s aggressive notion. This showed that Truman didn’t want to fight a full scale war because it might cause another major war between the superpowers. Another idea that supports this idea was that Truman didn’t use America’s strongest technology: atomic bombs. President Truman was cautious because that utilization of atomic weapons would force the USSR, a North Korean ally, to attack South Korean allies from Europe. If the U.S. treated the Korean War as total warfare, full mobilization of the latest technology would have been used, so the lack of atomic weapons supports the idea that U.S. intervention was limited. Another point is that the Korean War was really quiet on the American home front. News about this war was only posted briefly in a couple of newspapers, including the New York Times. Total warfare requires the full participation of

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