Korean War Essay

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The Korean War is probably the best example of international policy changed due to the Cold War. This was, while not directly with the USSR, a war to stop the spread of Communism and to show American military might. How the war started was simple, the government in South Korea was formed by the anti-communist Syngman Rhee. North Korea was being controlled by The Soviet Union and they put Kim ll-Sung as head of North Korea. In 1948, the two rival governments were established: The Republic of Korea was proclaimed in the South and the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea in the North. Relations between the two countries became increasingly strained and on June 25th, 1950, the North Korean forces invaded South Korea. The United Nations became involved and condemned the invasion as an act of aggression; The United Nations demanded the withdrawal of North Korean troops from the South and called upon its members to aid South Korea in defense against North Korea. The Chinese entered the war to create a strategic depth, the Chinese wanted to utilize North Korea as a buffer against possible United States invasion. The United States entered the war to stop the spread of communism. The Soviet Union wanted to spread the word of communism to enlist as many countries as possible. Korean War still has a strong hold of that nation that influences North and South Korea internally and externally. The effect of Korean War is visible in living conditions and structure of the different societies. The misunderstanding that controls the consciousness and perception of the people still creates friction in both countries. The Korean War ended up created more conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. The war demonstrated that the United States would do everything possible to prevent the spread of communism. The Korean War also created a feeling of hatred that developed between

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