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9. (a) The response proposed by Acheson suggests that the US air force and navy should give full support to the South Korean forces, and limit their efforts to the south of the 38th parallel. It also recommends to use the seventh fleet to prevent an attack on formosa and order the nationalists not to attack the mainland. (b) David Low’s cartoon in document B shows president truman and the United Nations running out to save world peace. In front of them is a tombstone with the league of nations written on it. The cartoon shows how the United Nations are running out to fight for peace, but there is nothing to fight for anymore, the league of nations were gone a long time ago. Died because of lack of action and passiveness when facing agression. 10. In document C Washington saw the invasion of South Korea by North Korea as a test of the Western wills. It was thought that the North Korean invasion was an act only dared because of the authorization, support and orders from Stalin. It was a moment the US had feared. If they allowed Stalin to win, the United States would be shamed for ever and it would even worse treathen the security of japan and the pacific. The US feared that if the west didn’t act it might encourage stalin to attempt the same in Europe. In document D the thoughts and opinions differ from D, Khrushchev saw the invasion of south korea as a helping hand from the north to their southern brethren. Khrushchev states that in fact it wasn’t stalins idea to invade south korea, but that Kim Il-sung was the initiator and stalin persuaded him to think it over. Stalin had his doubts and was worried that the US might intervene. But as Khrushchev stresses ” Stalin of course didn’t try to dissuade him”, as long as they fought the war swiftly, then intervention could be avoided, also because it was an internal matter which the korean people

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