Korean War Essay

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Bryan Byers 4/29/12 8-202 S.S. 8th 1) On September 1949 the Communists defeated the Nationalists and Mao Zedong became head of the state but instead he fled to the island Taiwan. 2) Many Americans were shocked by the fall of the Nationalist government and viewed it as a part of a Communist plot to government. 3) In June of 1950, North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea starting the conflict known as the Korean War. 4) The United States appealed to the UN to stop Communism move into South Korea, so U.S troops made up most of the force and did most of the fighting. 5) The infamous General Douglas MacArthur who served as World War II hero in the Pacific served as the commander of all UN forces. 6) Towards the beginning of the war, the North Koreans pushed the South Koreans back almost to Pusan. 7) MacArthur decided to reverse the situation by landing his troops at Inchon (a port city behind the North Korean lines), which was a dangerous plan that eventually worked. 8) As a result China saw the movement of the UN forces in North Korea as a threat to China's security, and as a result Chinese leaders warned that a further advance would force them to enter the war. 9) On November 25, 1950 hundreds of thousands of Chinese Communist troops attacked in human waves across the Yalu river into North Korea. 10) As a result MacArthur asked permission to blockade China's coastline and bomb them, but Truman refused. Truman decided to fire MacArthur because of all the crtism he recieved from

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