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Jasmine L. Murphy ENG 102 Module 1 Case Assignment August 2010 “For the enormous damage and suffering caused during this colonial rule, I would like to express once again our deep remorse and heartfelt apology,” Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan directs this heartfelt apology to the people of South Korea (Japan Apologizes to South Korea on Colonization pg 1). Many people outside of the Asian community are not aware of the atrocious behavior that the Korean people were subjugated to under Japan’s brutal colonial rule. Korean people of the colonial period forced to become manual laborers, sex slaves for the Japanese, mass killings of civilians, human experimentation, the atrocities the Korea people suffered are a high number. Prime Minster Kan however makes an attempt to offer a renewed apology to the South Korean people. Having refused to make diplomatic ties with North Korea, because of their abduction of Japanese citizens three decades ago; he does not offer any renewed apologies to the North Korean people. The apology was all that was offered, no mention of reparations for those that had suffered under the brutal control of the colonial Japanese. Even though the Korean people have not been under Japanese control the feeling of hatred may never disappear. South Korean Foreign Minister made the point that the Korean people still had not forgiven the brutality of the colonial Japanese stating, “Anger at Japan still runs deep across the region.” Even though the Japanese of today had no control over their ancestors they are assaulted with the hatred the modern day Korean feel for the maltreated ancestors. In my opinion I believe that the even though the Korean people feel that not only themselves, but their ancestors were mistreated; one day they need to come together with the Japanese to learn to forgive what has already been done and cannot be changed.

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