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Hi . now I'm going to introduce about Korean situation. my presentation focus on 3 aspects.gender related job and discrimination on workplace and reasons. Firstly, for this presentation, we need to understand south korea. South Korea is based on the Confucianism. Confucianismhas a big impact on korean tradition and culture. Confucianism always emphasized running one's blood. So they prefer give birth to son and slight upon daughter. Also, traditionally women focused on housework. And men have to be responsible for the economy . and still some old people slight upon women. This is korean social background. Here are jobs related to men& women in social common sense. As u see , like 직업... are attentive, feminine and little bit minor. Contrary, like (직업) .... are required power, manly and major. It may comes from the concept that men have to protect women . as result in discrimination. When it comes todiscrimination on workplace and reasons, there are four big parts. When looking for a job, Promotion, Salary and Reasons. When looking for job, All this graph is showing the proportion of men and women. 1. 30 large company ratio 2. New employee ratio3. Government office ratio4. Employment rate of men and women. As you watch there is a huge gap between man and woman's rate. Furthermore, women when looking for job, employmentdemands are more higher than man. Like English test scores, university credit average ..... about promotion, also there are lots of difficulties. 71% female workers promotion later than male workers. and it's very limited. much more demands and Prejudice disturb promotion. In addition, they Feel Inhibited From Asking for Maternity Leave”. Maternity leave is women's basic right. It must be observe. But this also impact women's career. when it comes to salary, According to Korean female policy research, Korean male salary

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