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Visit a site in South Korea First of all, I am thankful that for some reason I don’t know, a different path has led me into an unexpected luck and coincidence. Before leaving home, I picked out a few places for the project and after lunch at Bennigan ’s at Seoul Station on subway line number 4, I headed for Seoul Museum of Art Namseoul, which is a minute’s walk away from the Sadang station on the same line number 4. But on the way there, I noticed that Ichon station, one two stations before it, has also an access to National Museum of Korea. The entrance was right outside the gateway 2 and upon stepping out the stairs, I could see a well-tended garden and passageways across it. The weather was quite pleasant for a short walk and the people there usually had a bar of ice cream for re freshment. Then as I approach the Museum itself, I began to worry again about how to get across the meanings to those who wouldn't understand well enough as the waitresses who tended for me. Before entering the museum, I had to drop by the ticket box to fetch the ticket the staff there gave out freely for the year of 2009. For my usual routine, I would have stepped into the booth where Korean attendants were stationed to help me in Korean, but went the other booth and asked the lady for a ticket in English. I held out my forefinger and said, “one ticket, please,” but she seemed surprised and responded with a rising intonation, “one person?” indicating that she knew I was a Korean. I myself could sense that well enough and fell away quickly with a surprised look. Then I went to the gate and held out my ticket and instantly the gatekeeper let me in. The inside of the museum looked very modern and well decorated with marble plates all around the concrete structure of the building. And even though there was a counter where I could get an additional help for the

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