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Korea Essay

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  • on November 20, 2013
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The Korean War was fought between 25th June 1950 and 27th July 1953, however no formal cease fire has ever been declared. Not only did this conflict involve just North Korea and South Korea, the conflict also involved many members of the then rather infant United Nations, but by far the biggest contribution to the war effort was made by the US, as a total of 307,000 troops, 88% of the total international troops, were sent into the warzone. Some may suggest that the United States’ massive military intervention was to protect their interests in Japan, in this essay I intend to identify if this is indeed the case.
In late 1945, Japan was a Country on its knees, at first; the United States Government did not intend to involve itself in the rebuilding of the nation that was once its greatest enemy. But then President Truman began to notice the potential in Japan being a western democracy in the east, as it could be a possible trading partner. As the Cold war started to emerge in the late 40’s, Japan was also seen as becoming a crucial Cold war ally. Japans geographical location meant that it was vulnerable to the North Korean forces landing on its south west coast should the Communists want to gain further territory and possibly seek vengeance from the 30 years of harsh occupation that the empire of Japan had over Korea. As the North Korean forces vigorously swept south across the Peninsula in the early days of the war, this was becoming a growing fear within both Gen. Douglas MacArthur and President Truman, as MacArthur, the five star general in charge of the reconstruction of Japan only had two divisions at his disposal to protect his mission against an overwhelming North Korean force; and President Truman did not want to lose his new flourishing ally to the Communists, as it would hinder his reputation with the public, and give the republicans more political ammunition. This is said to be a factor in sparking off American Military intervention in the Korean War....

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