Koolaids Seminar (Baby Essay)

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NOT FULL ESSAY Koolaids Seminar The novel Koolaids by Rabih Alameddine is spectacular, only 99 pages into it and the reader is entranced by everything presented in each section. There is so much rich culture, history, tragedy, love, heartache, happiness, war, and sickness collaborated into this grand tale. Mohammad, the main protagonist in the story is an artist and this book reads like one of his paintings. It isn’t beautiful or precise; it’s up to interpretation with an ideal intention. This piece has no concept of time or plot and it’s wonderful because it’s honest. So early on Mohammad reveals history of his past self, consciously and subconsciously, and the history of his home country. He also reveals a mirrored paradigm of the world from a source outside of himself, pondering the greater powers and life. He ponders reality in such a way as to speculate how things could be different and greater for everyone, surprisingly optimistic. But the one thing he never seems to ponder or question in the slightest is death, yet death is constantly reoccurring for him, even only 99 pages into the novel, let that sink in. The Aids epidemic of the 70’s is the most beautifully tragic thing that has happened in America. It released the fight or flight response from thousands in the nation. It divided a lot of people, but those who were actually in the situation came together. To momentarily stray from the novel the musical RENT perfectly sums it up. Being one of if not the most emotionally powerful stories ever told there is a musical number called ‘Support Group’ which was exactly that, a support group for people with AIDS and one of the greatest lyrics is sung, “No other road, no other way, no day but today’ and it becomes a central motto to the whole show. It is meant to encourage life in death which is why I brought it up because Mohammad knows that, “there is no
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