Kony Letter

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Dear South Carolina State Senator John L. Scott, I am Maya Bates, a proud freshman at Blythewood High School. I am in a class called Global Studies I Honors and for the past month we have been studying a man named Joseph Kony. Before entering this class I knew nothing of Joseph Kony, I didn’t know who he was or what he did. Now that I know, I am writing this letter to make a change and to inform you and the rest of America of what’s going on. The Invisible Children Inc. also known as Kony 2012 is a movement designed to stop Joseph Kony and the abduction of children. This movement was designed to stop the creation of child soldiers, sex slaves, and mutilation. This is an issue that has been going on for 26 years. This is a very important matter because children are our future. This is pure genocide and that’s just plain wrong. When I watched the video I couldn’t believe that this actually happened, because it was just so gruesome and I felt so sorry for those children. Those kids feared their own lives, in their own village. That shouldn’t have to happen, and some kids even said death would be better than living there right now. We honestly need to help these kids, so that they can feel safe in their own home. So that they can live a regular life, so they won’t have to fear getting abducted in their sleep, or having to kill their own parents, or mutilating other kids and they won’t have to worry about killing other innocent people. We need the governments help most because you are the ones that can make a real difference. Us, regular Americans can help raise awareness and raise money for the cause and all, but what is the money going to go to? We need a place to send it, so that somebody can do something about it. That’s where you, Senator Scott, and the rest of the government come in at. If the government and all the average Americans come together we

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