Kony 2012 Andrew Bolt Article Analysis

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yAfter the release of the Kony 2012 video, directed by Jason Russel a member of the Invisible Children group, it has sparked a lot of debates on whether the campaign is truly legitimate or just another way to make money. The short video was created to supposedly expose the world to an accused mass murderer Joseph Kony hiding in Africa and to encourage viewers to donate in order to stop Kony. In response to the short video Andrew Bolt wrote a piece entitled ““Kony 2012 just empty clicks” [Published in Herald Sun], in which he questions the video and the Invisible Children’s true intention and the validity of the campaign in a very cynical and sceptical tone. Bolt begins his piece by mocking the “few million” Facebook users who attempted to do anything about Kony after watching the video by stating that somewhere in a jungle of Africa “Kony is shattered” due to being “unfriended” on Facebook. Suggesting to the readers how pointless and useless the actions, of the millions of Facebook users, are. He further criticizes the Facebook users saying they simply did what they did to “advertise their goodness”. He continues on to make a comparison of the LiveEarth concert with the Kony campaign with some imagery of “bopping to top bands while screaming at governments to save the planet”, implying that the Kony campaign is about as ridiculous as the LiveEarth concerts that attempt to save the planet. Throughout the article Bolt constantly questions the Invisible Children’s true intentions. He describes the video as being “slick”, suggesting and provoking the readers into being more suspicious of the video. Which leads to Bolt straight up asking “But how is this film to stop him[Kony]?”, he asks this to further push the reader into the realization that the video is not what it seems to be. Although clearly against the short video, Bolt does support the fact that

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