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Kokoda Track Campaign Essay

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  • on March 19, 2011
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World at War- Assignment draft- Topic: The Kokoda track campaign
The Kokoda track campaign was a time when Australia, later accompanied by America fought against the might of the Japanese. The battle was fought in Papua New Guinea and was part of the Pacific War in World War two. The main conflicts took place between the 21st of July and the 16th of November, 1942. The intense conditions drove the Australian troops to their ultimate performance.   The Japanese soldiers were already accustomed to these conditions, and had much more experience in battle. “The Australian troops on the Kokoda trail, showed an enormous amount of courage, and amazing qualities that would usually only be seen in a much more experienced soldier.”  
The Kokoda trail, in Papua New Guinea, is a 200km long trek between the south coast (Port Moresby) and the north coast (Buna). It was the site of one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War II, which has forever sealed the relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea. (http://www.kokodatrail.com.au/history.html). The town of Kokoda, which lies approximately half way between these destinations, is the only place where supplies can be sufficiently dropped via plane. It cuts through the Owen Stanley Range, which requires mountaineering skills for safety. Vehicles are unable to drive up Kokoda because of the mass of forest and rough terrain, and foot soldiers were the only other alternative.   Its dense jungle and covers its slopes which are hidden mist, and it has vines as thick as ropes. Temperature remains high until nightfall, and a bitter cold sets in at night. It is subjective to the wet; and because of this water and mud runs down the mountainsides in torrents.
The conflict began when Japan attempted invading Port Moresby by sea, so they could launch an attack on Australia, but this failed. This then led Japanese forces to set up a base at Buna, and take up the 200km trek to attempt to take Port Moresby by foot. Because of this,...

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