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The film “Kokoda”, directed by Alister Grierson, is an accurate representation of the actual Kokoda campaign of 1942. The film follows the story of a lost platoon of “Chocos" (Chocolate Soldiers, as they were expected to "melt" in the heat of the battle) who faced harsh conditions, and experienced the brutal nature of the battle. The main aspects of the campaign portrayed within this film, include the role of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, the supplies for the soldiers and the terrain of the Kokoda track. Although the film demonstrates the hardships and the experiences of the Australian soldiers during the battle against the Japanese, it lacked in some areas such as the fierce battle between the two countries. The film however allows the viewers to have a very graphic insight of the conditions that the Australian soldiers endured and the horrific experiences of war. The role of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels throughout the film is very accurate. The ‘Angels’, as they were referred to by the soldiers because of their frizzy hair and their helpfulness, would help the wounded Australian soldiers across the Kokoda trail and back to their basses every day. Over 600 Australian lives were lost and 1680 soldiers wounded during the campaign and these numbers would have been even higher if it wasn’t for the help of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels (Australian Government Department of veteran affairs (2014) About the Kokoda track: 1939 to 1942). The Australian soldiers greatly appreciated the assistance of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels which was often at personal sacrifice any times of the day or night. They also assisted the soldiers by collecting the supplies that were dropped off and carrying them back to the soldier’s base. (Refer Figure 1 and 2) During the film, in some parts, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are seen helping carry the wounded soldiers form the dangerous battle fields to the safety of their

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