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Kokoda Essay

  • Submitted by: shivkhanna1
  • on October 28, 2012
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Anzac Day on the 25th of April is one of Australia’s most celebrated national holidays. However there are many who claim that we should introduce a Kokoda Day as it has more significance to Australia and its battle campaigns. Gallipoli, which was actually fought on foreign territory in Turkey and which was also a battle that was lost due to a poor upper command, has been given the utter most respect by being named a nation holiday. These are some of the arguments which will be looked at in greater detail about why Kokoda should also be named a national holiday and by doing so properly, commemorate those who endured on the track. Kokoda was a battle in which the upper commands competence was much greater than that of Gallipoli, it was fought on Australian territory compared to Turkish land which meant greater significance to Australians, and the battle was an Australian victory with a new alliance formed compared to a defeat in Turkey with an ageing alliance.

The battle of Kokoda was a much better commanded campaign than that of the Battle of Gallipoli. In Gallipoli, Winston Churchill firstly received faulty intelligence to plan an attack on the Dardanelles, which eventually lead to an attack on the beachheads of Gallipoli. These landings of the Anzacs, were badly mismanaged and unorganized, with the landing missing its intended target area by a mile. However the most known mistake, was the complete mistiming of a major charge of the Turks due to the commanders not syncing their watches. This and other such mistakes, as well as the brutalities of war claimed the lives   On the other hand, the commanders in Kokoda, to a degree, fulfilled their duties much better, and in doing so provided a much better command for the diggers. They were able to create better fighting plans however it must be noted that these fighting plans often meant losing a lot of lives to save more. Despite General Macarthur and Blaney, sending troops into un-researched land,...

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