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Business Ethics Kohlberg’s Scale On the Kohlberg’s scale, I consider myself to be on the second stage of Level I which refers to as Stage 2: Individualism and Exchange. I believe I fall into this stage just because when I conduct business I always look for a favor. Stage 2 sometimes sound amoral, they do have some sense of right action. This is a concept of fair exchange or fair deals. The philosophy is one of returning favors and everyone has heard once in life like, “If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." Referring to the Heinz story on was right to steal the drug or they might say that it was done because she might return the favor some day. That is kind of my way of thinking sometimes. Stage 2 is still said to reason at the preconventional level because they speak as isolated individuals rather than as members of society. They see individuals exchanging favors, but there is still no identification with the values of the family or community. At stage 1, children think of what is right as what they have been told is right. Doing the right thing is obeying authority and avoiding punishment. At stage 2, children are no longer so intimidated by any single power; they see that there are different sides to any issue. Since everything is relative, one is free to pursue one's own interests, although it is often useful to make deals and exchange favors with others. At stages 3 and 4, young people think as members of the conventional society with its values, norms, and expectations. At stage 3, they emphasize being a good person, which basically means having helpful motives toward people close to one At stage 4, the concern shifts toward obeying laws to maintain society as a whole. At stages 5 and 6 people are less concerned with maintaining society for its own sake, and more concerned with the principles and values that make for a good society. At stage 5 they

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