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Lawrence Kohlberg Lawrence Kohlberg was born October 25 1927 in New York also known as a Theroist in Social Development. His Theory on moral development included social and intellectual reasoning. He stated that people move forward one by one and no stage should be skipped meaning that everyone is it's own individual self and as we grow we ove through many different stages in our lives. His theory on moral development stemed from a story long ago when a woman had cancer and her husband didn't have enough money to pay for the drug, she needed so she broke into the place. People wanted to know, should the husband have done that? Kohlberg wasn't interested in the answer to that but the reasoning for the decision That's how the responses were classified into stages of resoning in his theory of moral development. He also worked wirh Piaget and most of there stories or dilemmas used were about stealing, lying, disobeying rules and thing's like that. This is where we go through the stages of moral development especiality common in young, children. Kohlberg had 6 stages in theorist Preventional morality- Similar to Piagets first stage of moral thought Individualism and Exchange- At this stage shildren recognizing that there is not just one right view that is handed down by the authorities. Good interpersonal relationships- See morality as more than one simple deal Maintaining the social order- Reasoning works best in two person relationships with fmaily members or close friends Social contact and individual rights- People want to keep society funtioning 6.Universal principles- Respondants are working toward a conception of the good society, meaning they suggest that we need to protect certain individual

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