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On Kohlberg’s scale, I consider myself to be at Level II, conventional morality. On that scale I am on stage II. I tend to follow the laws and my morality is based on good interpersonal relationship and that is based on my family, church and community. Kohlberg defines conventional morality as conforming to roles and conforming to the accepted morals that our environment and society has determined to be moral. (DeGeorge, Pg 22) I know what is considered to be right or wrong and I do not have a problem in determining what is right and wrong according to the values and morals that my parents have instilled in me since I was a young child. As I transitioned into an adult, I realize that morality is a sense of judgment. I usually follow my instincts and the feeling that I get deep down inside to guide my ethical and moral decisions and I use society, laws and my conformity to the norms established in my life as my checks and balance for those societal accepted moral judgments. I make my determination by asking questions and putting myself in the position of others. I would like to one day progress to the Level III, the postconvential, autonomous, or principal and raise questions regarding how society determines those established society norms and why. My goal is to discover how the norms of morality in society is developed, accepted and why. (DeGeorge, Page 24) I know that stealing is wrong, and I don’t think about stealing because society has determined that taking others property that does not belong to them to be unacceptable and wrong. My parents taught me during my early years that there are consequences for taking things that do not belong to me. It was either punishment and an apology or a spanking. I did not like either of the consequence, therefore I refrained from stealing. I always put myself in someone else’s shoes when trying to determine what is

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