Kody Scott's Monster

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220933659 SOC 383 Writing Assignment Winter 2013 Part 1: Description The autobiography Monster takes you into the world of Kody Scott, aka Monster, and his journey through gang life. He gives every detail from his initiation into the Los Angeles Crips all the way to his leaving the gang and prison…and then going back again. After many years of living the harsh gang life that included murdering people, vandalizing, and robbing people he quickly made a name for himself. He spends his youth in and out of camps, jails, and eventually ends up in prison. It is there that he turns to religion and educating himself the best way he could and used that to transform himself to a black nationalist known as Sanyika Shakur. From the very beginning…show more content…
In Elijah Anderson’s theory he says that there are groups in society that favor crime and violence. This group values violence and has their own set of rules on how to handle situations. In Code of the Streets he talks about “street culture” and how some neighborhoods are at a disadvantage. These disadvantage neighborhoods are full of racial inequality and have limited economical opportunities. This in turn, promotes the street culture that leads to violence. It can be looked at as a means to an end, a way to survive. People of the street culture don’t know anything else so robbing, killing, fighting, and selling drugs are the only way that they could get by in their world. In Code of the streets the street people adopt this code in which they live by. They are tough and have a reputation not to be messed with. They believe that they have to be tough to survive and have their own rules that they follow. Monster depicts a similar story. Kody Scott is raised in a world where he is surrounded by violence and has a choice to stay on the right side of the tracks, or jump to the bad side. He chooses the bad. In doing that he learns a whole new way of life. At the ripe age of 11 he joins the Crips and learns quickly that if he wants to make it with them he has to toughen up and show his worth. Kody says that he sensed his departure from childhood when he was suspended from school a month before graduation and “starting to show signs of moral decay” (3, 4). It was early on that the street life captured his attention. In the book Kody talks about his family and how his mother raised six kids on her own. His father was never around, and his older brother often picked on him and beat him up. His mom worked all day to make ends meet and did for her children the best she could. Like the theory says, the Scott family was at an economical disadvantage and surrounded by the street culture. Kody says “I’ve

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