Kodak's Strategic Plan Mgt 599

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Assignment 3: A New Strategy for Kodak BUS 599: Strategic Management Dr. Prakash Menon Christi Griffin March 9, 2014 Introduction A strategic plan is a management tool that is used to help organization perform better. It ensures that the organization is working towards the same goals within the business. Kodak can use a strategic plan to align its elements to the vision and mission statement of the organization. An effective strategic plan provides the organization with the fundamentals to shape and guide the organization and how it can be successful in the future. The plan will allow Kodak to clearly state the objectives of the organization, intentionally set goals, and develop an approach to achieve the goals of the organization. Kodak has the resources to make this strategic plan effective if it matches the strategic thinking of the organization. This paper will discuss how Kodak can implement a strategic plan; integrate with the Cloud industry, what strategy is best for Kodak to take at a corporate level, and how the organization can remain competitive in a diverse environment. The benefits of an effective strategic will provide a base to measure the progression of the organization, provide a clear focus of objectives, and build relationships between employees and managers within the organization. Kodak has the potential to show great progress if they can align and implement a plan with the organizations goals to continue to work towards a successful future. Key Objectives for Kodak The core functions of Eastman Kodak are to assess the values and missions that will give insight of the overall operations. The main goal of Kodak is to create a sustainable competitive that can gain leverage over its competitors. Some key objectives include: maintaining a strong leadership, strong brand recognition, stabilize the market cost, broadened their products, and

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