Kodak vs. Fuji Film

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Assignment #1: Kodak and Fujifilm Management Concepts Dr. Pamela Self July 28, 2013. Eastman Kodak Company In 1880, Kodak Company was founded by George Eastman. For many years, being part of the staff of the Eastman Kodak Company was equivalent to job security. Being characterized as one of the biggest and most protective employer’s, it led many to believe that this company would never fade away from the U.S market and/or lose control over “International Competitors”. In 1903, Kodak introduced filmmaking launching “affordable cameras” and easy-to- use film. Their brand was one of the most well recognized names in the list of consumer goods throughout the world. Their jingle of “Push the button, we do the rest”, allowed people to feel comfortable to take pictures, without the worry of any complications. Kodak has been known to be the leader in photography, this industry has evolved from simple glass plates to high quality digital images. However, Kodak recognizes that for all of the success obtained worldwide, they must continuously re-evaluate digital technology in order to remain ahead of their competitors within the industry. Kodak’s stability became a concern due in part to the lenient sales in the United States, which where a result of the conflicts they had between Fujifilm and New Advancement of Photo Systems. They were forced to have significant number of layoffs (16,000), due to the strength of the U.S dollar, exports became less profitable and imports were more profitable for their competitors. The slow growth in the market contributed to the decrease in market shares, which Kodak was faced with. In 1993, Kodak hired George Fisher to be the CEO of the company. He was introduced as the person who would lead the company back to the uppermost levels of success. Fisher was able to cut down costs, reduced debt, sell segments of the company

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