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Kodaikanal Road Woes Photos and Article by Rajesh Mani- Center for Environmental Studies and Conservation- CESC National Legal Rights Protection Council- NLPC Kodaikanal is often referred to as the princess of hill station. Located nearly at 2400 meters above sea level, in addition to being one of the most important holiday destinations of the country, Kodaikanal is also home to several thousand residents residing within the town limits and in the villages surrounding the town. Kodaikanal is also a very important agricultural hub which supplies the rest of the state with, vegetables and farm produce that grows in this altitude. The main mode of communication to kodaikanal is by road. There are 2 main roads that connect to Batlagundu(60kms) and Palani (65kms). Within kodaikanal limits there are roads linking to most of the villages. Some of these villages are as far as 50kms from kodaikanal town. With over 100 villages around kodaikanal several thousand residents had to rely on the roads for essential and emergency needs. In addition to this everyday, several tonnes of vegetables produced by these farmers had to be transported to the markets through these roads While the roads being the lifeline for the residents of kodaikanal, one would expect them to be in a fairly decent state of condition, however this is not to be. The residents of Kodaikanal do not remember when the roads have been paved the last time. With potholes turning into craters, the highway department remains oblivious to the state of kodaikanal roads. Consumer Protection Association of Kodaikanal (CPAK) on several occasions tried to approach the highways department only to find the office guarded by a watchman. In spite of writing several letters, the Roads of Kodaikanal remains to be a challenge to the commuters. Far from being a discomfort, these roads now has turned into a hazardous places where

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