Kobe Vs. Lebron Essay

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This has been debated, fought over (I’ve seen some fights over this), and slightly overblown, Lebron vs. Kobe is the “hot button” issue that experts and simple fans alike disagree on. I’ve taken this issue and tried to look at every possible angle. Unfortunately, comparing the two is virtually impossible because of the difference in they way they play, but I will try. My biased Lakerloving opinion(yes I will admit that I’m biased [experts should admit to this too]) is that Kobe surpasses Lebron enough to be considered the better player. Here is my player Report Card for them in important basketball categories. Scoring Kobe: It took Kobe a few years into his career, but he has become the best pure scorer in the game. He has extreme focus when taking a jumper. He can make a shot with a hand in his face, and he has the quickness and amazing footwork to set up the J. He has a quick accurate shot with extreme precision. His shots can get flat when he is tired, but he has the ability to drain those kinds of shots anyways. As for driving the lane, he has the one of thefastest first steps and the advanced dribbling abiltiy to drive through the lane and get the finish at the rim. Not the most accurate 3 point shooter at 34% for his career, but i think that he makes his 3pt shot at the most opportune times when he has to. A Lebron: Lebron is known for his amazing size and strength that allows him to drive toward the basket and get amazing finishes. His mix of power and speed to getting to the basket is undeniably the best in basketball. He has the unbelievable skill of using his size, body lean, and speed to enter the lane on fast-breaks and when isolated on a defender. No defender can stop or slow him down if they play one on one. However, Lebron does not have the completely fine tuned jump shot to be the complete scorer. This year Lebron did improve on this

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