Kobe Vs. Lebron Essay

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Marvin Byrd III Eng. 151 Dr. Tretter 3/7/2012 Kobe vs. LeBron: Who is the best? Ever since the year 2004 the great debate arose about who is better: Kobe Bryant (The Black Mamba) or LeBron James (LBJ or King James). This has always been a huge topic in the NBA of who is the best LeBron or Kobe. It is obvious that one of these two players is the best, but the question is which one? Both of these players can say something that even the greatest of all time Michael Jordan cannot say, they can both say they got drafted out of high school. LeBron James has never been a slack. Research by Mark Stewart supports James growing up in Akron, Ohio, where he was always the man of his house due to the fact that his father was an ex convict and had no interest in being a father. LeBron’s mother Gloria was very young when she had LeBron just a mere 16-years old. She raised him by herself, so to this day he still goes by her maiden name. LeBron basically had to raise himself because Gloria was experiencing many personal problems mostly because of her mother’s passing (Stewart, Jockbio.com). From many of Stewart’s interviews with LeBron, LeBron showed tremendous instincts for basketball. When he was a kid he had a play set of toys, but for some reason he would only play with his basketball things (Stewart, Jockbio.com). As Mark Stewart writes, “The strain of the Jameses’ nomadic lifestyle began to take its toll when LeBron entered elementary school. Embarrassed by his home life, he didn’t make friends easily.” LeBron found it difficult to perform in the classroom with all these distractions in his home lifestyle, so he decided to focus on his sport intelligence. His two preferable sports were basketball and football (Stewart, Jockbio.com). LeBron James is now very successful at basketball, and is paving his way to the hall of fame. But one thing a lot of people don’t

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