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koalas Essay

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Koalas, also known as Phasclarctus cinereus, are marsupials or mammals that live in eastern and southern Australia.   Koalas aren’t bears they are actually related to kangaroos and wombats. The koala is a short, tailless, large eared, round nose. Its fur is thick and furry, usually gray with a white belly.   Its height is about 32", and the usual weight of males is 23 lbs, and females about 18 lbs.
A koala lives in eastern and southern Australia.   They live in eucalyptus trees and feed on the leaves.   Koalas can sometimes be found in Queensland, but mainly in Australia.   They also live in Queensland Blue Gums, Tallowwood, Swamp Mahogany, Scribbly Gum, Narrow leaved red gum, Red Stringybark, Iron Bark, and Grey Gum.   Some animals that are found near koalas are Australian raven, dingo, emu, kangaroo, wallaby, and wombat. Some plants found also found near plants are the desert peas, and the emu busti.   The larger animals come from the southern areas of Australia where it is colder.   Southern koalas also have thicker fur than northern koalas.
Koalas have thick woolly fur which protects them from both heat and cold. It acts like a raincoat so they do not get wet when it rains.   The fur comes in many colors from light grey to brown, with a white belly and neck and on the insides of the arms, legs and ears.   A koala has a thick bottom to cushion them.   Females are smaller then males and have a pouch in the center of their low belly and have a white belly.   The koala's eyes are small and they have bad eyesight, so it relies on its senses of smell and hearing.
Koalas reproduce by mating.   The mating process only lasts for 1.5 minutes.   Male koalas can mate with more then one female.   If a female does not want to mate with that male she can defend herself by using her claws and hurting the male.   The pregnancy lasts for only 35 days.   The baby koala must make it into it's mother's pouch after it's born.   Baby koalas drink their mother's milk for the first 6...

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