Knox Essay

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Students choose to attend Knox based on many factors, including our academic reputation, distinguished faculty, intimate class sizes, and diverse campus community, as well as the success of our graduates. How did you become interested in Knox and why do you think Knox might be a good match for you? Choosing the right college was initially a difficult task. I knew very well I wanted to continue my education by attending a four-year college. It took me almost a year to finally figure out what would be best for me. I looked into a lot of colleges online over the year yet, Knox College is one of the places that I am strongly interested in. In looking for a school, I am not only interested in a strong academic culture; but also one that would enhance me in every facet of my life. I want a school that will assist me in making a difference. I also want to be in an environment where I can continue embracing ideals like respect, humility and equality which I believe the Egalitarian spirit at Knox supports. Knox has a campus population that includes students from 48 states and 51 countries, 25% U.S. students of color, and individuals from every imaginable religious and socioeconomic background. With this level of diversity, I will encounter a lot of different people with different beliefs and by this I will be able to continue developing my open mindedness to new concepts and culture that I learned. Going to college is a new task I am willing and awaiting in pleasure to experience. There is no other place I see that will help facilitate my academic and personal growth as a student than Warren Wilson
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