Knowlege Philosophy Essay

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Knowledge Philosophy Wisdom and knowledge are two things that everyone has a certain amount of, but how they choose to use these tools varies. People should only learn the things they deem interesting, necessary and worthwhile. One should never waste their limited time on earth to acquire trivial and tedious knowledge they will and need and will go unused. One can spend hours inside reading books upon books and memorizing every meaningless fact binded within their hard covers, but this is fruitless when one who has obtained real knowledge is outside in the world leaving their imprint on society. If you learn how to perform open heart surgery when all you’ve ever wanted to be is an artist, you will realize the error of your ways when you are not able to draw the simplest circle due to your lacks of practice. If everyone is sat down and told what to learn the world will become one unified being; everyone will become the same. If everyone has the freedom to study their passions, the world will be fascinating and everyone could learn from each other. Furthermore, just because one knows all about a certain subject or subjects does not mean they know everything there is to know. One can know every fact about the world we live in but fail to know how to really live in it. Knowledge is only half the battle. Some people are able to solve the hardest math problems but don’t know what to say when a stranger tries to talk to them or what to do if they get lost. These people are a special kind they know everything and nothing at the same time. Moreover, one should only learn things for themselves. Learning things for a class or person is unnecessary and a waste of time. If you do not want to learn it most likely it you wont really learn it. Knowledge is a tricky thing. It has to

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